Club factory haul

Hi, guys what’s up? So I am really eager to share it with you people. This is not at all sponsored blog. This is just me, imparting my POV. In the past few weeks, I have bought a lot of stuff from Club factory Store. The club Factory store provides you with an actual factory […]

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Etiquette of a lady

Acting like a lady is and will always be in vogue Here are a list of Etiquette of a lady- Ten- Know your own self and make the best out of it . Nine- Oh for the sake of manners chew with your mouth closed. Eight- Leave rumours to gossip girl. Seven-Never let a man […]

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Blue roof top

Hi guys – I want to share something with you. I went out with my friends on a Sunday lunch 🍴. It was amazing, i met them after such a long 🗣 time. Blue Roof Top 💜one of my favourite cafeteria 🤤🙌🏻 The interior is such a nice cosy place with a terrace view 😍 […]

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